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Chronic Pelvic Pain  -  Menstrual Issues

I have been struggling with chronic pelvic pain for years ever since I had a misdiagnosed infection while I was working abroad. I have consulted various western medical practitioners and tried everything from antibiotics to physical therapy, but that did not take away my pain. 

I was advised by my physical therapist to try abdominal massages, and I started working with a maya abdominal therapist in Seattle, which yielded good results. Since moving to Minnesota, I sought care from Michelle.  

Since I started working with Michelle and especially since I started getting yoni steams along with my massage sessions, my pelvic pain has improved. My menstrual flow has had less clotting and the flow is much smoother. In addition, my premenstrual spotting has been greatly reduced and my pre-menstrual breast pain is much milder. 

Michelle is caring, patient, a great listener, easy-going, and most importantly, she's a gifted massage therapist who really works your body well. She has also given me many great holistic tips on how to improve my health in other ways as well.

Her clinic is cozy, relaxing, and luxurious. Each week I look forward to getting my massage. 

~ H.L.

Menstrual Issues

I was referred to Michelle by my chiropractor and was hesitant to make an appointment. It seemed far fetched that massage could possibly help me with medical problems. I am a nurse professionally and pride myself in using natural medicine before pharmaceuticals so I decided this wasn't much different and scheduled an appointment.

I was surprised at how thorough of a history was needed to start the Maya Abdominal Therapy but at my first appointment it was very clear Michelle uses all the information to know more about how to help. I was impressed with her knowledge and explanation of my various symptoms and what she was going to try to do to relieve them.

I have had a tilted uterus all my life, mine laid back instead of being tilted forward. I have been told by a few doctors this is normal and common. I do know it runs in my family. I've seen several OBGYN's and midwives and none of them ever suggested it could be changed. I had a lot of symptoms with my period including PMS and severe cramping. I have missed work, school, and life due to the days of severe cramping where I was taking all the pain relievers I could and a heating pad to dull the pain.

At my first visit Michelle worked on my ligaments and told me what to expect if her work corrected my uterus placement. The next day I felt my uterus move and have not had a period symptom since. That was over 6 months ago. I feel like I got my life back!

I would recommend Michelle to anyone, but especially anyone with period symptoms. I love bragging to my friends that I got a massage and it got rid of my cramps and PMS. Massages feel so good and this one really helped me.

I kept seeing Michelle longer than I probably needed because I was enjoying our time. We had great conversations and the massages helped me feel so much better. If I ever get any period symptoms back my first phone call will be to Michelle.

~ Lindsay B.

It can be scary to try a new massage therapist but Michelle made me feel comfortable right away! Since I have started seeing her for massage and Maya Abdominal Therapy, I feel more relaxed and I feel better after each session. She is very compassionate and considerate to any problems you may be facing with your health and she makes some of the not so comfortable parts of abdominal therapy feel okay and like you've done really well, when it was all her good technique and talent! The most important thing people should know about working with Michelle is that she can be trusted and the results are amazing!

Thank you Michelle for all that you do! I appreciate your business, your attitude, and every time I come I feel like I'm chatting with a friend!

~ Veronika A.

Digestive Health

Michelle is amazing!  A friend (in another state) recommended Mayan Abdominal Massage and I was very excited to find Michelle here in Minnesota. I drive well over an hour to see her. I have not found anything comparable. She is so skilled and knowledgeable. She incorporates various techniques to treat your individual needs and you leave feeling fantastic!  I have found it so helpful for digestive issues. Until I met Michelle, I found massage relaxing but it never had the positive impact on my health and well-being. Michelle’s compassionate and effective approach has made such a difference for me.

After the first session you have met a new friend as well as a professional health care provider! 

~ Barb B.

Michelle has nurtured me and my family since 2012. Michelle's Maya Abdominal Therapy has helped my body recover from miscarriage, gently nurturing my womb back to center.

As my husband recovers from back surgery Michelle's cupping massages have been instrumental in his successful return to Crossfit. And most recently, Michelle has introduced my tween daughter to the powerful grounding and relaxation that come from her intuitive touch.

As a body worker, Michelle has a unique tool kit which includes her experience as a nurse, her training in Maya Abdominal Therapy and Chinese cupping, and her passion for helping the body connect to its innate ability to heal. 

As a doula and prenatal yoga instructor I often recommend Michelle to clients for pre and post natal support. However, Maya Abdominal Therapy is an important tool for all women to utilize at all stages of life. 

~ Laura H.

Chronic Digestive Issues  -  Preconception Health  -  Prenatal Health

I started seeing Michelle because I had years of chronic digestive issues. As I was going through my natural healing journey I knew abdominal massage would be helpful and it was. My tummy always felt the best after a session and when I was consistent with massages. Throughout my treatment we wanted to start a family and one of the things I did to support my body preconception and during pregnancy was abdominal massage. 

I love Michelle. She's so sweet, knowledgeable and I always leave feeling so relaxed and knowing my body is working better than when I went into the massage. I recommend Michelle and Maya abdominal massage to so many people! 

~ M.B.

Uterine Prolapse  -  Round Ligament Discomfort During Pregnancy

I had heard of Mayan Abdominal Therapy from fellow birth professionals (I am a birth doula, childbirth educator, and placenta encapsulation specialist). Mostly in regards to helping women prepare for VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) and break up any scar tissue or adhesions from the cesarean incision.

In the first trimester of my second pregnancy I realized I had a mild prolapsed uterus and sought natural ways to improve this condition. I came across Mayan Abdominal Therapy and contacted several practitioners in the area. Michelle responded quickly to my inquiry and assured me she had a lot of experience in using Mayan Abdominal Therapy for clients dealing with uterine prolapse.

I have really enjoyed our sessions together – she is very warm and open and a phenomenal massage therapist overall! I love our chats during my sessions but she is also very attuned to when a client wants quiet. Getting a monthly pregnancy massage has been really helpful for stress relief and getting “me” time – something that can be difficult as a busy mom of a toddler!

The Mayan Abdominal Therapy has definitely improved my round ligament discomfort and as my pregnancy progressed I also saw an improvement in my tilted uterus and the prolapse. I am also hopeful it will help my baby get into an optimal position for birth.

~ Stacey Kinder Plasch  -


I had heard really good things about Mayan Abdominal massage from the woman in my infertility support group so I decided to make an appointment with Michelle since her space was near my home.

I was a bit worried about this specific type of massage and if I'd feel comfortable having someone work on my abdomen, but from the beginning Michelle made me feel comfortable and took the time before our session to get to know my story and understand where I was coming from. So many times woman with infertility just want to be heard and seen and acknowledged and Michelle did just that.

The massage was educational and relaxing. I appreciated her teaching me how to use castor oil packs and do the self care massage techniques at home. The sessions with her and the skills she taught me did help me in to getting pregnant a couple months later.

I would recommend her for any of the services she provides as she was warm, compassionate, caring and gave a wonderful massage!

~ Liz F.

VBAC Preparation

I found Michelle via a Google search for a Mayan Abdominal massage practitioner as I prepared myself for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I had two full body massages including Mayan Abdominal massage while pregnant. They were so relaxing and Michelle is great and so easy to work with and talk to. I'd definitely recommend her services during pregnancy and beyond. Massage is a wonderful way to do self care!

~ L.A.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

After a year of trying to conceive and going to a handful of doctors with no answers I made my way in with one of the top OB/GYN in the state. She choose to preform a HSG (Hysterosalpingogram). From the HSG I learned both of my Fallopian tubes were completely blocked. The Doctor wanted to schedule a laparoscopy to find out what the blockage was (mucus build up, scar tissue, endometriosis, etc). While in there she also wanted to remove at least one if not both Fallopian tubes because the blockage was so bad. She told me don't worry that she was going to get in there do the Fallopian tube removal & then I can begin IVF and hopefully have a pregnancy.

Instead of scheduling the surgery as the doctor wanted I decided to explore other options. I have a friend in AZ who after years of unsuccessful IVF went and had a few Mayan abdominal massages and was pregnant a month later.

I immediately started looking for someone who performs Mayan abdominal Therapy in the Twin Cities. This is when I found Michelle she was able to quickly fit me into her schedule. I started Mayan abdominal Therapy with her in March and in April I scheduled another HSG with the same OB/GYN. Much to the doctors surprise there was not a single blockage left in my Fallopian tubes, they were wide open!

I am extremely grateful for the work Michele has done & continues to do with me. I was able to avoid exploratory surgery, the removal of my Fallopian tubes, the cost of IVF & the stress.

~ K. W.

Low Sperm Count

After about of year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, my wife's doctor suggested I have a semen analysis done. I had one done a year earlier when we first decided to begin trying to get pregnant since I am a type 1 diabetic. Everything was within the normal range then.

This time was different. The results came back showing zero motility and less then 15 million count. We were devastated when we received the news. My wife's Doctor told us our only option was a sperm donor. Using our better judgment, we asked the question, " does this mean I am sterile?" The doctors answer was "no."

My wife had just begun Mayan Abdominal Therapy with Michelle so she asked Michelle about it. She was able to quickly schedule me for an appointment. After working with Michelle for about six weeks, once a week, I went back for another semen analysis. The doctor couldn't believe the test was from the same man. It came back with motility and a count over 99 million!

~ C. S. 

Menstrual Issues

Michelle is a true blessing!!!  Originally, I was having a lot of menstrual cramping with sharp abdominal pains between periods, and I was looking for a masseuse that would focus on the stomach area as I had found that most masseuses do not. Michelle not only addressed the cramping issues during the first session, but she also taught me at home techniques to use in between sessions. After only two sessions, my cramping issues subsided and have not returned.

I’ve been going to Michelle for years now, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her care. She goes above and beyond the call of duty by not only giving an excellent massage, but also adding in the use of cupping, hot stones, and a castor oil pack for my stomach.

On top of it all, the atmosphere she provides is very relaxing and comfortable. What can I say, Michelle is my GO TO wellness guru, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

~ Dawn A. 

Digestive Health  -  Anxiety  -  Fertility 

I came to Moon Shadow Healing Arts to receive Maya Abdominal Therapy for a variety of reasons. I was having some minor digestive problems, struggling with anxiety, and my cycles were all over the place. I was looking to bring balance back into my body.

My experience with Michelle was wonderful. From the beginning I felt very comfortable with her. After each session I felt more relaxed both emotionally and physically. I felt lighter and that there was less tension in my abdomen. Eventually I could tell at each appointment if I had been taking good enough care of my body based on her massage, and that also helped guide me towards healing.

The Maya Abdominal Therapy was an essential tool for healing my body and mind. My anxiety is lower, my digestion is stronger, and after over 2 years of believing I was infertile, I became unexpectedly pregnant 5 months after beginning to meet with Michelle. I also love that she uses coconut oil as a massage oil instead of anything that could irritate my sensitive skin.

All in all, I am so thankful I found Michelle when I did.

Chloe Breczinski  - Author of 'Healing Patiently: How to Heal Your Gut Without Loosing Your Mind

Constipation  -  Pelvic Floor Prolapse  -  Back Pain

I found Michelle Hansen and Moon Shadow Healing Arts after googling “constipation and pelvic floor prolapse” and discovering Mayan Abdominal Massage. I spent months and several doctor appointments, many tests including an endoscopy and a colonoscopy trying to determine the cause of the constipation and stomach gas/belching I was experiencing. When I read the information on Moon Shadow’s website, I felt like abdominal massage would be something worth trying and that even if it didn’t help my symptoms, I would at minimum enjoy a full body massage.

At the time of my first massage, I was a week or so into a FODMAP elimination diet ordered by my gastroenterologist who had also had me double my probiotics and my fiber intake. All of these things helped to make my bowel experience some improvement, but it was not nearly normal like it had been.

Michelle was very compassionate and thorough as we met and went through the detailed history forms I filled in before my first appointment. I was slightly apprehensive, but Michelle made it easy to relax, and she explained what she was doing and how it was supposed to work.

I have back issues from a previous disc surgery and after the first session, my whole back felt better than it had for a long time. Michelle explained how the muscle fascia is loosened and the tightness released by massage. She is very skilled and uses cupping and hot stones to finish on my back.

After my first abdominal massage, I started to hear and feel more sounds and movements through my system that had been missing for months.

It has been several months since I began seeing Michelle. I started with every week for a month, then dropped down to every two weeks, until now I see her every month. I feel so much better and my abdomen and back are not as tight as they had been when I started. My constipation problems have improved by 98%, and my gastroenterologist and I are happy with the progress. She was even interested in the Mayan Abdominal Massage techniques. Michelle has definitely helped in my improvement.

~ D. H.

Fertility  -  Menstrual Cramping  -  Prenatal Care

My chiropractor recommended Michelle and Abdominal Massage while I was seeking help for fertility issues. I was instantly comfortable with Michelle and felt thankful that someone would take so much time and care during the initial visit to really understand where I was in the process and what I needed.

After only two sessions of Abdominal massage my intense menstrual cramps I had previously were considerably less, and after 4 massages I had absolutely no more painful cramps! This was a HUGE victory for someone who has struggled with life stopping cramps before.

Once I was pregnant, I continued with abdominal massage with Michelle all through the pregnancy. Not only did this feel amazing each week as my belly grew but my labor was so much faster than anticipated by myself or my midwife.

I continued to see Michelle while trying to get pregnant with my 2nd child and I know the abdominal massage along with the yoni steams really helped my body do what it is made to do.

I recommend abdominal massage to everyone that I know with menstrual pain or fertility issues. Michelle has created a safe, nurturing space to visit and she is extremely talented at what she does.

~ A. B.

Abdominal Pain  -  Pelvic Floor Stagnation

I recently starting visiting Michelle for stomach pain that I've been experiencing for two years (additionally I've recently starting trying to get pregnant).

Michelle is experienced, thoughtful, thorough and caring- everything you want in a practitioner, but is difficult to find! I've been to several doctors- general practitioners and obgyn's over the past few years. I've had scans and ultrasounds with nothing remarkable or conclusive. Everyone told me there was nothing wrong. I went to a chiropractor who told me to seek out Maya Abdominal Therapy and found Michelle. The second she started in she affirmed that yes- there was a lot of stagnation in my pelvic floor.

I feel validated when I visit her. I have noticed shifts in my body after just two visits and can tell that Maya Abdominal Therapy is something I need to continue with. In addition to the shifts in my body- sessions with her feel like mini retreats, they are really relaxing and enjoyable!

~ Brianna Darling   Private yoga and healing sessions, Reiki, Yoga classes, Workshops, and Art 

Fertility  -  Digestive Health

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year and a half before I visited Michelle for the first time. In addition to fertility reasons, I had read that abdominal therapy can have positive effects on the digestive process and I had been experiencing some stomach issues that I was eager to be rid of. The conversation Michelle and I had in my first visit was so great – she is very knowledgeable, reassuring, and optimistic – she made me feel like we were going to get down to business and everything was going to fall into place. And it did!

After my second appointment with Michelle, I found out I was pregnant. I’m so happy that she came into my life before starting invasive fertility treatments. I plan to continue treatments with Michelle as well throughout my pregnancy to help my labor process be smooth as possible.

~ E. K.

Chronic UTI's

I started seeing Michelle for Maya Abdominal Massage due to having chronic UTI’s.   

I had a history of UTI’s and had tried everything! I first treated them with all natural remedies that did clear them at the beginning. When natural remedies stopped working, I started using antibiotics. They worked for a while but once I started with antibiotics I got UTI’s even more often. It got to the point where any emotional stress would set me into having a UTI. I was in a pattern of getting them every 3 weeks. My doctor prescribed antibiotics to take continually one every day.  I was feeling so sick and still having so much frequency that I didn’t even want to go on a vacation in case I would get another UTI. I was embarrassed to even be on a plane due to the frequency of how often I had to use the bathroom. I was really feeling hopeless not knowing what to do.  

My girlfriend had gotten a treatment from Michelle and shared with me how much better she was feeling and told me to see Michelle.  I felt why not?…. I’ve tried everything else.  

After my first treatment I instantly felt better.  After three treatments I felt 100% better and I have NOT had the symptom of frequency or a UTI since I started seeing Michelle. I have never felt better and know I can live a healthy, active lifestyle again and even go on vacation. 

I am so thankful I am able to work with Michelle.  Her therapy has changed my life!

~ K. A.

Prolapsed Uterus

I had a friend recommend Maya Abdominal Therapy as a treatment to treat a prolapsed uterus. Michelle was very knowledgeable and helpful, answering all my questions and making me feel very comfortable. I enjoyed the treatment and the follow up instructions and protocol helped me feel that I was also in control of and responsible for my healing. I look forward to returning for more bodywork in the future. Highly recommended.

~ Amy H.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction  -  Edema  -  Chronic Migraines

Michelle is a gifted in what she does and clearly has a passion for it. She has been helping me work through some very difficult pelvic dysfunction. The Mayan abdominal massage and Yoni steam is something I look forward to because I know after I will feel re-energized and know that I'm on my way to healing.

One unexpected benefit of the Mayan massage was that the swelling in my ankles has decreased! I had always had swelling in my ankles no matter what and was expecting to live with that forever. After a few sessions with Michelle my ankle swelling has decreased! I was able to wear shorts in the summer, something I have not been able to do in years because I was embarrassed of my ankles. My chronic migraines have also become a thing of the past. Michelle is so caring and wonderful. I am so glad to have found her and have her help me on my journey to wellness.

~ V. A. 

Recurrent Miscarriage  -  Retroverted Uterus 

I had two sessions of Maya Abdominal massage with Michelle due to having recurrent miscarriage and a tilted (retroverted) uterus. After two sessions, (also using castor oil packs at home per recommendation) I became pregnant on the first try and our pregnancy is progressing perfectly. I recently had an OB ultrasound and asked the sonographer if my uterus looked tilted, she said, "No, it looks great." I have already sent a friend to Michelle and would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with women's issues.

My initial visit, I felt so calmed during the session and I could feel the healing taking place. As a RN myself, I would suggest having an open mind to natural healing or to even use natural healing in addition to traditional medicine. Holistic healing includes mind, body and spirit and I truly believe Michelle is gifted to heal all three. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Her massage work is fabulous, I had the experience of cupping and hot stone techniques and I plan on returning during my pregnancy for a perfect afternoon of relaxation.

~ Anna, Rogers, MN


Michelle Hansen has been an incredible positive add in my life since my husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost two years. I didn't know what to expect with Mayan Abdominal Massage, but thought I'd give it a whirl. Michelle is not only incredibly knowledgeable, she is also uber talented. I am going to go as far as saying she is the best massage therapist I have ever had. And I have received enough massages in my young days (31) to own that opinion. She has been a solid support system for me - and has helped me physically and mentally during this journey. The immediate and prolonged benefit of seeing her is profound, and just writing this out loud is driving me to schedule another appointment with her. 

~ E. R. 

Plantar Fasciitis 

I started seeing Michelle three years ago as a birthday treat for myself. The massage felt excellent and an amazing thing happened. I was suffering from an episode of planters fasciitis and several days after my massage I felt my foot loosening up. I continued massages with Michelle and my planters fasciitis subsided. I see Michelle at least twice per month for a massage including Mayan massage and I think it helps my health and well being.

~ L. A. 


We were planning to try and have a of our friends mentioned that she tired mayan abdominal therapy. I figured why not give it a shot? Michelle was awesome, easy to work with, and felt comfortable right from the beginning. things went well and we have a beautiful, now 9 month old little guy. Family and friends have had wonderful luck with this therapy. i recommend it to everyone!

~ B. W. 

Fertility  -  Ovulation Pain  -  Menstrual Pain  

My husband and I came to get maya massages to help us get pregnant. We aren't pregnant after two sessions but we both could tell differences in our bodies.. I couldn't feel ovulation anymore which was great because it hurt horribly.. my period didn't seem to be AS crampy… I have recommended her to so many Facebook groups because she is awesome at what she does! One thing that torques me is when people waste time in a massage … Michelle doesn't do that. She respects your time and money. The massage was wonderful and helped my neck issue going on.

~ Jody H. 

Fertility - PCOS - Painful Periods - Irregular Cycles 

I had been struggling with PCOS and wanting to get pregnant. Along with that came very irregular cycles, painful periods, cramping and heavy bleeding. I saw Michelle weekly for the first month and within that month my period came back a lot less painful. Within 3 months I got pregnant!

Every appointment was an emotional relief as well, as Michelle was so encouraging and so positive with me on my journey of fertility struggles. I had previously done clomid and fertility treatment and taken the medical approach. I wished I had found Michelle to do abdominal massage along with that.

She educated me on what cycles should be like, and to have her support along the way. I was so thankful I saw her and will continue to see her after the birth of my baby girl for monthly massages to keep my uterus in proper position to prevent any future issues.

Not only is Michelle a massage therapist, but a sincere friend. I am lucky to have found her !! 

~K. F. 

Every bit of my experience with Michelle has been positive: before, during, and after the session. She creates an incredibly warm and welcoming space at Moon Shadow Healing Arts, where she genuinely puts her energy, expertise, and hospitality into your healing.

Being very curious about holistic healing modalities myself, I had a chance to speak to her about the techniques that she has studied and now practices. Through my own experience at her hands during the Maya Abdominal Therapy and these further insights, I trust that she uses the best products and methods to her knowledge, with the highest care given to each individual. From what I have seen, she is incredibly humble and dedicated to her work and to the well-being of others. This is my honest opinion after only having been in once, and I greatly look forward to having more bodywork done by her in the near future.

I would describe Michelle as both very professional in her work and very compassionate. I would recommend seeing her even if you do not have any particular ailment, but simply for the benefit of maintaining overall well-being, de-stressing, and the holistic health of internal organs. I am so grateful to have found her, and so close to where I live! It is truly a luxury to be able to enjoy the benefits of this ancient healing art in Eden Prairie, MN. Thank you Michelle for all your wonderful work!

~ Simone Z. 

Painful Periods - Frequent Urination - Fertility Enhancement - Pregnancy!

I began seeing Michelle following a referral from my chiropractor. I had spoken with my chiropractor about the intensity of my cramps during my periods. My chiropractor informed me that this level of pain was not normal, and that she had previously seen Michelle for support in proper alignment of the uterus, which can decrease painful periods. During our first session, Michelle was able to tell me that my uterus seemed shifted to the right and downward. She also felt that my uterus might be tilted forward, contributing to frequent urination, which is something I’ve struggled with for years. The word “tilted” reminded me that my mom had mentioned having a tilted uterus, and this was part of the reason she needed to deliver all three of her children via c-section.

My husband and I were considering trying for children, and we wanted the best chance of a natural, vaginal delivery. I began seeing Michelle monthly to align my uterus through Maya Abdominal Therapy and within two months was pregnant! I have continued to see Michelle monthly throughout my pregnancy, and I contribute a lot of my comfort during pregnancy to her work. My uterus is centered and Michelle helps to relieve any round ligament pain that I have felt. Truly, I would arrive having ligament pain, and the day after seeing Michelle it would be gone. Knowing that maya abdominal massage can promote an easier and faster delivery, I am curious to see how my delivery will go in January! 

One of my favorite things about Michelle is her clean, natural, and holistic approach to care. She uses coconut oil as a massage oil, rather than other oils that may incorporate toxins and fragrances. She is a fantastic knowledge source for all topics related to a healthy way of life. She is a talented massage therapist and I have enjoyed her hot stone massages and fire cupping. It is so great to have an expert like Michelle to help facilitate natural approaches to care. I have recommended Michelle to friends and family, and will continue to recommend her to many others!

~ B. M. 

Fertility - Irregular Cycles

Michelle is an amazingly talented Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable in all she does and she has a variety of natural-based tools and remedies she incorporates into her practice. It seems no matter what her clients are facing she has an answer and will find a way to help them achieve better health.

Personally, I began seeing her to regulate my menstrual cycles and prepare my body for pregnancy. I have also enjoyed Michelle's Yoni Steam Baths and Traditional Fire Cupping, which have been powerful in my healing journey. What I absolutely love and feel anyone can appreciate about Michelle's work is that it doesn't typically take long to see the results you are looking for.

Aside from that, Michelle has a very special energy and nurturing presence. She is a beautiful spirit with a deep passion for her work. She is genuine in all that she does and she makes it her personal mission to comfort, educate, and heal you in the most uplifting way. I would highly recommend seeing Michelle to just about anyone and I think it is a shame that more people aren't aware of the services she offers before moving on to more invasive forms of treatment. Get out and spread the word, Mayan Abdominal Massage is a complete game changer!!

~ A W

Scar Adhesions - Bowel Obstruction - Pelvic Pain - Emotional Healing

I have been seeing Michelle for a month for scar adhesions that have started to cause partial bowel obstructions. My emergency c section 8 years ago following the loss of two other babies was traumatic to both my body and my heart. I had a large area of fluid collection on the right side called a hematoma that caused me to have a surgical drain inserted for a month after the baby was born. This area never healed well and it is where the intestines have been restricted by scars. I have also had two other abdominal surgeries. Michelle was so kind and thorough when taking my history. Michelle listens well and has a gift for encouraging the body to heal. My body has started to heal in ways that it never has before and I have used multiple therapies and medicines over the last 8 years to try to help it. I was able to stop taking the medication that was given to me to relax my intestinal muscles so they could work through the scars- amazing!

Allowing someone to work on your c section scar and abdominal area is deeply personal. Michelle is safe, caring, and attentive. I am so thankful for this experience with her. I will also say that in some deep emotional ways when my body started healing from the scar adhesions, my heart healed too in a deeper way about the losses around my pregnancies. Today I was having coffee with a friend and telling her about this experience…we are both mental health practitioners and had this amazing conversation about how sometimes when we heal the body we can also heal the mind on a deeper level.

I highly recommend Michelle for any abdominal work and pelvic pain. It is helping me immensely.

~ S. D.

I feel so fortunate to have found Michelle. Her services have been life changing and I can't recommend her enough!

~ Linda M. 

Bladder Issues

I originally found Michelle by searching for Mayan Abdominal therapy. I was experiencing the feeling of my bladder not emptying completely and looking for a therapy that could help. I had tried many different forms of energy therapy but meeting Michelle was a very different experience I had not encountered before. Michelle offers a very serene, soft, professional and comforting invitation and environment to let down all boundaries and allow healing to take place. The Abdominal massage Michelle provided was amazing. I felt that area of my body moving and opening as it had never before done. For a body area as intimate and personal as it is, I never felt self conscious. Michelle offers a very trusting and nurturing presence. One receives a true sense of caring and partnership in the healing process. Michelle will readily share knowledge and tips one can use at home to help the healing process. I have a sense Michelle is very grounded and spiritually connected with her purpose in life and her mission to help people heal. She emanates that through her presence with humility and grace. To find a practitioner as Michelle is very rare.

~ Monica R.

Tilted Uterus

I can't say enough how the Mayan Abdominal Massage has changed my life! I have a tilted uterus and never realized how taxing that was on my body. I felt like I was falling apart the older I got. After seeing the pamphlet on the Mayan massage I decided to give it a try.

I have my body and my mind back! Michelle is a miracle worker! No more aches and pains, I feel like a new person. I have raved about this to my friends and they have also found the magic and have become regulars to this miraculous massage! I feel happier, healthier and feel like I belong in my own body! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try this amazing massage!

~ Lis A. 

I highly recommend Michelle for anyone who has pain or digestive issues. I have been seeing Michelle for several months now and have been receiving Mayan Abdominal Therapy and general massage therapy, including fire cupping. I have a history of two spinal fusions, resulting in long-term back pain/discomfort, so I have been seeing various massage therapists for years. My last spinal fusion was in 2011 and since that time I have noticed a gradual increase in digestive trouble (seemingly slow digestion), including a general feeling of air/discomfort in my abdominal region. Over the past year and a half I have been trying to look into the cause of this discomfort and digestive trouble. I saw a number of medical doctors, including gastrointestinal and pelvic floor specialists, none of whom provided me with any explanations. Each physician gave me a different recommendation for treating my troubles, none of which made a difference and, in one instance, made things worse. Last fall I did see a chiropractor for neck pain and we discussed digestion; I made some diet changes and this seemed to help with the bloated feelings I was experiencing, but I could still tell something was off in my body. I was researching online and found Michelle’s website and looked into abdominal therapy. 

At the first session I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Michelle took a very thorough case history and explained what types of therapy she offers and how it may help my specific symptoms. From the beginning, it was clear Michelle was very knowledgeable in this area. Finally there was someone who understood what I was telling her and didn’t make me sound like I was crazy for what I thought was going on in my body. She had heard all of my symptoms before and was confident that her treatment would help – and it did. 

Michelle was very good at walking through every step of my first visit, which was very helpful. She explained that the abdominal muscles can hold a lot of emotions and that during and/or after the session I may experience a release of these emotions in some way. Michelle did abdominal therapy and worked on my neck/shoulder/back pain. On my first visit when she was working on my back she asked if I had tenderness in a particular area and I said I had noticed one spot that I thought looked raised compared to the rest of my back. She told me this area was inflamed and asked if past massage therapists had mentioned this. No one had mentioned this before, even though I had just had a massage a couple weeks prior.  I could tell right away she knew much more about how the body works than any of the massage therapists I had seen in the past. After my first few sessions I did have a lot of emotional release and felt nauseous and sick/tired for a few days following my session, but did notice my digestion start to improve. These after-effects began to ease after a few sessions and my digestion continued to improve and I had less neck pain. The initial negative side effects after beginning this therapy are immensely outweighed by the benefits the therapy provides and greatly decrease as your body begins to heal. Michelle also provided me with tips that I could do at home to continue to heal my body between sessions. 

I have noticed a significant improvement in my digestive health, which includes more regular digestion and bowel movements, ability to manage neck pain, decrease in frequent urination, and an improvement in my emotional wellbeing, which includes a reduction in anxious thoughts and feelings. All of these improvements have changed my daily life in a very positive way. I would encourage anyone considering this therapy to try it. I am confident it will improve many areas of your life and overall wellness.

~ Katie A.

Abdominal Pain

After hearing about Michelle from several patients (I'm a chiropractor) I felt it was time to see if there was any help she could provide for a vague pain in my abdomen that I've had for over 30 years. I've had numerous scans and tests which revealed no source for the pain. Oddly enough those symptoms have always gotten worse with the onset of menses each cycle and include a day of horrific allergies. After seeing Michelle the first time the pain was gone for two days which seemed impossible after having dealt with it for so long. I've also not had the horrific allergy day at all! She has really helped me with my quality of life.

~ R. F.

Prior to meeting Michelle I had received Maya Abdominal Massage a few times previously for abdominal scar tissue work. My experience had been wonderful with a great return on investment. After meeting and working with Michelle, I knew I had found an even greater return on my investment. She takes the time to listen to your concerns, is open to every and all emotions that surround your health journey, and truly has your best interests in mind. I started seeing Michelle in the fall of 2016 for fertility and abdominal/uterine wellness. My husband and I had been doing “all the right things”, and though it only took us a few short months to conceive, I know Michelle was a huge part of that!

The month that I saw her I had had an early miscarriage with heavy uterine bleeding. My body was not yet the healthiest and safest place for baby to grow. Enter Michelle. After just one session, we conceived the next month. I immediately contacted her with my excitement, considering we didn't “need” to set up the next month's session for fertility. She suggested that we continue sessions during my pregnancy to assist in keeping lymphatic and blood flow moving as well as opening up the sacrum to have the best centered and strong delivery of babe. It's all about preparation!

Thank you Michelle for being such a talented healer. Your gifts are beyond amazing!

~ Jessica D. 

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