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Testimonials 2

Apparently there are a limited number of words you can put on a webpage, so begins page 2 of testimonials. I would be more than happy for a 3rd page so please keep them coming! And thank you to everyone who have been so kind and generous with your time and your words.


Thank you Michelle for being such a talented healer. Your gifts are beyond amazing!

~ J. D. 

Michelle has such a wonderful, inviting presence with each visit. She is very knowledgeable and confident about the techniques and services she provides which helped myself establish trust in her work and service recommendations unique to my needs from the very first visit.

The passion she has for her work and her clients is inherently evident and her genuine interaction keeps me coming back for more! Not to mention, I always leave our sessions feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

I would highly recommend exploring all that Michelle has to offer from her skills and services to her vast experiences and training… She will help to find just the right remedy for you, your body and your mind.

~ Greta G.

My experience with Michelle has been amazing. Her warmth, generosity, and genuine care for her clients is incredible. She is incredibly skilled as well as passionate about her work. Best massage I’ve ever had, at every level. The space is beautiful—radiates warmth, healing and love.

I have worked with Michelle for the past year receiving maya abdominal therapy and the benefits have been immense. I would never go anywhere else. Truly a special and deeply healing experience. 

~ J. M.

Michelle does amazing work!

The first time I met with Michelle I knew I was in good hands. She is passionate about massage therapy and that absolutely comes through in her work. I have been to other spas in the past, and always felt a little uncomfortable, but with Michelle, comfort is never a problem.  She has such a warm personality; it is very easy to feel relaxed before/during the massage and rejuvenated afterwards. The care and quality that you get with Michelle is second to none. Not only is she a great masseuse but she also takes a genuine interest in her clients. I look forward to our chats almost as much as the massage itself. Michelle is the best!

~ M. F.

Fertility - Pregnancy

My husband and I had began trying to conceive since I was 25 (I've always been fairly fit and healthy), and through the work of NaproTechnology (natural procreative techniques), it became clear I had endometriosis, which I had suspected for years but was continuously dismissed by most doctors. At 27, I had surgery to remove endometriosis (done by a surgeon trained in Napro - this was very important!). It turned out my fallopian tubes had also both been completely blocked. So praise God for the surgery!

I had also in those couple of years changed my diet to a somewhat autoimmune paleo diet to decrease inflammation in the body. Post-surgery, I was working with a naturopathic doctor on all of these issues, in hopes that endo would not return and we would conceive. This past winter, she recommended I begin seeing a Maya Abdominal Massage Therapist, so I found Michelle.

While I think everything I did played a significant role in my overall health, I am certain these massages were the missing ingredient to getting pregnant. After three years of infertility (one miscarriage early on) and just four massages (last one including visceral manipulation) over the period of two months (we avoided trying to conceive during this time), I was pregnant! I'm now 19 weeks and things so far have been going well!

I plan on seeing Michelle periodically throughout pregnancy in hopes that it will aid in natural childbirth. I cannot recommend her enough!

~ Katie G.

I'm a massage therapist so I'm very selective about who I work with. Michelle is in a league of her own and within a few minutes of working with her, it was clear she was a good fit. She has wonderful energy and she cares! Her in depth training combined with her intuition creates a wonderful, healing experience. 

I feel like I'm improving mind, body and spirit. If you are dealing with reproductive or abdominal issues, check her out!

~ Heather W.

Fertility - Pregnancy

Just so everyone knows who reads this.....Michelle is AWESOME!

I started seeing Michelle because I heard word of mouth from a co-worker that Michelle had helped her with fertility issues. My husband and I had been trying for almost 2 years to have a third child and had 2 miscarriages in the process. I went to see Michelle who did the Maya Abdominal Massage and taught me self care at home.

I saw Michelle twice and my last visit I told her that I probably wouldn't be seeing her for a while since my husband and I had put off trying to get pregnant and I was going to start grad school. Michelle told me she had a feeling I would be back to see her in my second trimester. I just shook my head thinking there was no way that was happening. The next month, one week after I started grad school I found out I was pregnant! Needless to say, I have set up that appointment to see Michelle in my second trimester :-)

~ Susanna G.

Fertility - Irregular Cycles - Pregnancy!

"I first went to Michelle when my husband and I were trying to conceive to help with my tilted uterus and fertility in general. I have to say, after 4 sessions, my cycle was exactly 28 days, I was able to tell when I was ovulating, and I finally got pregnant. She recommended during those sessions to use castor oil packs at home which were amazing and I believe contributed to our success as well. Michelle has such a wonderful, calming presence that I looked forward to every appointment and left feeling empowered and rejuvenated. I have continued seeing her throughout my pregnancy and I believe her techniques have helped reduce a lot of typical pregnancy symptoms like back pain, joint/hip pain, and swelling. Crossing my fingers for a quick and easy delivery!"

~ Michelle O.

I'm an acupuncturist specializing in fertility and pregnancy. I met Michelle through one of my patients and was deeply impressed by her knowledge, experience and caring nature. Since meeting her, I've told all my patients about the many benefits of maya abdominal therapy. I feel confident sending my patients to Michelle. I know they will be receiving the absolute best care.

~ Gina Fabiano  Heal OM Acupuncture

Healing Journey

I was lucky to have been recommended to Michelle for Maya abdominal therapy. She is a wealth of knowledge on her techniques and I feel is very empathetic. She is thorough, takes her time with me and addresses all my questions and symptoms. And she is just plain fun and interesting to talk with! I'm glad she is part of my healing journey and look forward to learning from her as I continue my sessions with her.

~ Jeanne D.

Painful Menstruation - PMS

Dear Michelle,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for the exceptional care you have given me over this past year. Prior to starting Maya Abdominal Therapy with you, I had suffered decades of extremely painful periods. And repeated consultation with medical professionals over the years, left me feeling helpless to improve my medical condition and hopeless about my prospects of ever having a normal cycle.

After the first couple of sessions with you, I noticed a significant improvement with my first cycle. And my progress has only continued. Not only have you provided me with excellent physical treatment of PMS and menstrual cramping, you have also been a tremendous emotional support during a difficult life transition which has helped to accelerate my healing.

With your healing touch, genuine empathy, and generous friendship, I feel healthy and empowered. You truly are the best at what you do, as you have made a profound and unforgettable difference in my life. 

with love and gratitude,


SPD and SIJ relief  (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and Sacroiliac Joint Pain)

I started going to Michelle in my seventh month of my second pregnancy when my SPD pain came on quickly and fiercely yet again. The first massage with her I could feel my psoas release with her touch. I felt immensely better after that first massage- like a new pregnant woman basically!! My belly felt much lighter with each massage as well, which was always interesting because it never felt heavy to begin with. I regularly went in the rest of the pregnancy to keep my SPD at bay. I also developed SIJ pain despite doing a lot of alignment bodywork to try to prevent it all, and Michelle was so kind to cater my massages to what my body was needing that day. She introduced hot stones on my back those days and even non-stationary cupping to relieve the tension. Each massage felt like a lovely prep for my birth, as I knew this was helping with positioning of baby as well as my emotional, physical, and mental state.

The birth ended up still being long (half the time of first but still what others would deem too long), but when I was mentally ready for the pushing it was only three minutes. My labor was very relaxing for the most part, and I was able to sleep through quite a bit of it which was wonderful for keeping my energy for the end. I know the bodywork Michelle did had a huge part of the labor and delivery and recovery of my second pregnancy/baby. I would absolutely recommend Michelle to any pregnant/postpartum mama!! I'll be back for sure if this body houses another baby, but I know with how wonderful she is with this specific population that she's a perfect reference for any body, in any stage of life.

~ Katy Sudlow  - Exercise Physiologist and Master Yoga Instructor at Peace & Perseverance 

I first found out about Michelle by researching online about the benefits of Maya Abdominal Therapy. I suffered an Ectopic Pregnancy and was looking for answers as to why this happened and how I could prevent this from happening in the future.

Michelle listened to my concerns and was very helpful in explaining the benefits of Maya Abdominal Therapy and how it could help me release any tension in my abdominal and virginal areas to hopefully prevent this from happening again in the future.

After only 2 sessions with Michelle, and continued use of the Castor Oil Packs at home, I felt more natural energy and less tension in my abdominal area! She made me feel very comfortable and genuinely cared about my situation and wanted to make sure I had the tools to help me prepare for a successful pregnancy in the future. 

I would definitely recommend Michelle!

~ Lindsay

I am really enjoying the work Michelle and I are doing together. She is warm and makes you feel very comfortable. She listens to you and is very knowledgeable on array of health issues. I haven't met a western doctor who knew as much about my abdominal issues as she does. The office space is peaceful and quiet. I look forward to seeing her and leave feeling very calm and relaxed.

~ Libby C.

Tilted Uterus 

I can't say enough about how Maya Abdominal Therapy has changed my life! I have a tilted uterus and never realized how taxing that was on my body. I felt like I was falling apart the older I got. After finding out about Maya Abdominal Therapy, I decided to give it a try. I have my body and my mind back! Michelle is a miracle worker! No more aches and pains, I feel like a new person. I have raved about this to my friends and they have also found the magic and have become regulars to this miraculous massage! I feel happier, healthier and feel like I belong in my own body! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try this amazing massage!

~ Lisa A.

I have been a Massage Therapist for 12 years and when I was pregnant with my son I wanted to try something I hadn’t tried before that would be beneficial to both of us. I received a Maya Abdominal Therapy from Michelle and it was amazing. I felt very comfortable and her technique was wonderful. I felt so good after my treatment. I would recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you so much Michelle for what you do.

~ Katie B.

Pain and Digestion Improved after C-Birth

I had an excellent experience. First of all, the space is very relaxing and conducive to healing. Michelle is extremely professional and takes time to really identify my unique needs and care plan. I also appreciate a lot of explanation, and she does just that during my sessions. I had the Maya Abdominal massage for 90 minutes and I could tell she was really working on healing areas that were injured after my C-section. I have trouble with pain and digestion after my C-section and it has improved after only one visit. I know there is a lot more work to do, and I am happy to be returning for more care.

~ Heather S.

Michelle is simply fantastic! I confidently attest that this massage technique has been the most beneficial for my body as well as my mental health. Maya Abdominal Therapy has changed the way I go about self-care.

I am a very active person. I lift weights, run, teach group fitness, and as a result carry a lot of tension in my body, especially in my abdomen. After a session with Michelle I am able to breathe more deeply and I can noticeably feel the difference in my energy levels immediately.

The castor oil pack treatment combined with the stomach massage gets everything within my core back to optimal function. Michelle also works on my cranium, face, and upper body/back areas. I have never felt this amount of immediate physical benefit directly after a massage before.

I have been to many massage therapists and engaged in deep tissue, myofascial release, hot stone, etc. and I now only seek this specific kind of bodywork. Michelle has a very welcoming and intuitive presence. Her workspace is relaxing and inviting. I would encourage anyone to give this a try and feel the benefits for yourself!

~ Kathryn B.

The Periodpocalypse is gone!!!
a·poc·a·lypse - an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.) 

For almost 20 years on the first day of my period I spent hours in the bathroom feeling like I was going to die… I would turn green and be hot and cold at the same time and shivering, sweating, shaking… and the painful uncontrollable BMs… Killer cramps… Some of you may know what I am talking about. Since I started seeing Michelle, the day 1 “Periodpocalypse” is gone.

My ovulation pain is also gone.

Michelle is super awesome, nice, and knowledgeable. She is so respectful and I feel completely comfortable, safe, and peaceful at Moon Shadow. Michelle has every moment of your appointment accounted for… she has water and a tea selection available and she has a book to read and a journal to write in if you feel like it during your steam. She has a nice hot towel with essential oils for you after your massage. Michelle also teaches self-care for at home. I would give the highest recommendation for Michelle and Moon Shadow!

~ P.P.

Infertility - Pelvic Pain - Digestive Issues - Scar Tissue

After several years of dealing with infertility issues, I came across a website on "Arvigo Therapy". I decided to give it a try as I have had some medical tests performed but haven't received direction or help. Ten years ago I was told my uterus was tilted, but "it shouldn't affect my fertility". I decided to schedule an appointment with Michelle after talking to her at length over the phone with questions regarding my issues. I felt very comfortable with this appointment because Michelle was so patient and willing to listen and answer questions I had!

At my first appointment I was so impressed with Michelle's work, I could tell right away she was trained and knew what she was doing! I was also so thrilled with her knowledge she was willing to pass on to me, so I would be able to do my "self-care" between appointments!

After my second appointment I noticed a significant difference and improvement in what I believe is my uterine alignment!!!! I have continued to do my self care and castor oil packs and have referred my friends to her! Oh and did I mention I am driving almost 4 hours to see her?

Thank you so much Michelle! And for your passion in women's health and that you are so willing to pass it on!! I look forward to my next appointment! 

~ Anonymous

From a Difficult 1st Pregnancy and Traumatic L&D to a Dreamy 2nd Pregnancy and L&D

I started seeing Michelle after a recommendation to help with terrible pain and trauma from my first birth two and a half years ago. She really helped me heal mentally and physically and once I got pregnant with my second I knew I wanted to get regular massage to make sure I had a smooth pregnancy and delivery!

Michelle was an absolute life saver! I had less swelling, less pain, better sleep, a much more manageable labor and only pushed for 8 minutes (compared to 3+ hours with my first).  

At my 39 week appointment I remember the midwife asking how I was feeling and if I was ready to have the baby? I seriously was feeling great and was mentally ready to have the baby but physically could have continued to be pregnant because I just wasn’t that uncomfortable! And this was the end of August so it was really hot out ☺️.  If you’d like to read my birth story it’s on the hypnobabies website.

My recovery has also been night and day different and I think that has a lot to do with how much easier my labor was! If/when we decide to have another I’ll definitely be using Michelle! Thank you thank you thank you!|

~ Amanda

Extreme Mensural Pain - Irregular Cycles - Low Back Pain with Mensuration 

Before seeing Michelle Hansen at Moon Shadow Healing Arts I was in an enormous amount of pain due to my monthly cycle. I was unable to go to school, work, or even sometimes walk. My back pain was extremely painful, I was irregular, and overall uncomfortable. I use to plan my life around when my cycle was occurring.

After 3 sessions with Michelle my cycle has completely changed. She taught me about my self care and showed me how impactful it can be. Now my cycles are almost painless, lighter, and my life doesn’t revolve around it anymore. Now I don’t miss school, work, and I have all my mobility. I never knew how painless and easy it could be until I met Michelle.

~ Morgan


I heard about Michelle and the fertility services she provided in 2016. I was nearing a year of trying to conceive our first baby and quite frankly, had given up. A friend had told me about her co-worker who had gone to see Michelle and had excellent results. It was early April and I figured why not give it a try. I had nothing to lose. Mid April I went in for a Mayan Abdominal Massage and full body massage. It was amazing! It definitely helped me to relax. I noticed a big difference in my cycle I got in April. I could tell everything just seemed to be aligned. In May, after 11 months of trying, we found out we were pregnant! 

Fast forward almost two years, we have a beautiful little girl who is almost two and we are ready to expand our family. After six months of trying for number two I decide to go in for another massage with Michelle. I got the massage in June of 2018 and believe it or not, we found out we were pregnant in July! Unfortunately we lost the baby very early, but none the less I was still able to conceive. It's the end of December 2018 now. We just hit one whole year of trying for baby number two. After the holidays I plan to go see Michelle again! 

For me personally, the results of the massages have been excellent! I would recommend Michelle to anyone, whether they are trying to conceive or not.

~ Stacy G.

Mensural Pain - Low Libido
I was referred to Michelle after speaking to a friend about my issues post twin pregnancy. I was having heavy periods, I couldn't work out during my menstrual periods and also had a very low libido.

After seeing Michelle a couple times, I left feeling wonderful. My menstrual period was back to normal and NO cramping! I felt like a new person. I also noticed an increase in my libido!

~ Lindsay


Mensural Pain - Irregular Cycles
I had extremely painful periods for all of my 30s' and 40's, I had been able to manage them through a plant based diet, but would still have moments in pain.  Now in my 50's my cycles became irregular and one cycle in particular was one of the most painful ones I ever had.  My teenage daughter had such great results when seeing Michelle that I decided to make an appointment for myself.  After one visit my next cycle was on time and not only completely pain free but lighter and shorter in length (typically 8-9 days before Michelle and 4-5 days after seeing Michelle).  Her methods are drug free so there was no additional expense of prescriptions or side effects of chemicals.

Michelle is an expert in her field and we are grateful to have found her.  

~ Doreen

Mensural Pain
I was first introduced to Michelle and Moon Shadow Healing Arts when I was seeking help for the painful periods I was enduring. My husband actually did a google search for how to help women with painful periods and he found that a Vaginal/Yoni Steam Bath was something that could alleviate symptoms. From there all is history! I traveled from 3.5 hours away to my first appointment, not knowing what to expect!

Michelle was kind, caring, and very understanding. She educated me on the process and made me feel very comfortable with everything. I can truly say that Michelle is a God send! She has done so much for me in regaining back my reproductive health, even teaching me the techniques she uses so that I can do self care at home.

I traveled to Michelle once a month for about 5 months to take advantage of her wonderful services. Even though I am 3.5 hours away, I can still practice the technique myself which is a wonderful bonus! I would highly recommend Michelle and all that she teaches! You won't be disappointed!"

~ Ashlee C.


Endometriosis - Chronic Miscarriages - Pregnancy!!!

I am reminded every day that each one of us has a struggle in life. My struggle was pregnancy loss. Before I met Michelle at Moon Shadow Healing, I had been pregnant a total of 87 weeks and blessed with one healthy, happy 4 year-old son and six angels looking over us every day. The past five years have been a journey of love, loss, and growth for our family, ending in the best blessing of all thanks to Michelle! 

My husband & I had always planned to have two children, but the fate of our family was not in our hands as we had a total of 6 miscarriages in 4 years, both before and after our healthy son was born in 2014. After all the losses, genetic testing, prayers, endometriosis diagnosis, hope, uncertainty and continued loss and healing, we decided our family was complete with one child. It was a tough decision, but one we made together as we felt so unbelievably blessed to have our wonderful son and so started our journey forward. This was about 6 months before I made an appointment with Michelle for Arvigo Therapy to treat my endometriosis…

Even in that first session, Michelle taught me so much about my body and how Arvigo Therapy helps to get everything back in line and functioning the way it is intended through treatments with her and self-care at home. I continued to seek treatment with Michelle monthly for my endometriosis, as well as muscle relaxation through massage & fire cupping.  

After a few months, my husband & I were very surprised by a positive pregnancy test. Given our past, we took it slow and kept our expectations low.  I shared the news with Michelle and she shifted our treatment sessions to prenatal and supported me tremendously with her healing touch & words.  Throughout the journey, she stayed positive and I really felt like this pregnancy was different!  

I feel so lucky to have met Michelle as our family was blessed with our second son about one year after I started seeing her for treatment. I truly believe her healing power, coupled with divine intervention, brought us our little miracle named Max!    

Michelle is such a wonderful human being and gifted therapist, healer and teacher. I will forever be grateful for the chance meeting of Michelle and will always be thankful for the amazing positive change she has brought to our life in so many ways!!   

- Cara


Infertility - Pregnancy!!!
I am so very thankful that God helped me to find Michelle, and I truly believe He worked through her to help me get pregnant on 3 occasions when doctors alone were not able to help us. After trying unsuccessfully for years to get pregnant, after removal of my right ovary from ovarian cancer, after tons of fertility treatments and, “we just don't know why you can't get pregnant with these treatments”, from doctors, I was at a loss. A family member had heard of Maya massage and I figured I had tried everything else, why not give it a try. I was blessed to find Michelle. She put me at ease from my very first visit. I was getting massages from her along with undergoing a new round of IVF. This combination seemed to work! Not only was I pregnant, both embryos had “stuck” and I was going to get to be a mommy to twins!

A few years later, we were ready to try again. I got a few massages from Michelle while undergoing more fertility treatments. My frozen embryo transplant was not successful, but we were amazed to find out that I got pregnant naturally the next month. (Keep in mind, we had YEARS of infertility, so a naturally conceived baby was amazing!) When we were ready to try for our last frozen embryo a few years later, I turned to Michelle again for help during the fertility treatments. We were blessed by God again through Michelle and welcomed our last little baby into the world a few months later.

I will forever be grateful for Michelle's help with achieving my dreams to be a mommy, and I hope God continues to bless her work to help other women too.

Ali D.


To prepare for IUI and IVF, I had been looking into various therapies and Maya Abdominal Massage was consistently recommended. I found Michelle when searching online for certified practitioners and am so grateful I did. I have a retroverted uterus and had extremely light, irregular cycles (usually 31 – 34 days), and, since seeing Michelle, my cycles are now every 27 – 29 days and are noticeably much healthier.

Side benefits apart from addressing fertility issues include support with digestive issues as well, and her work on the sacrum is nothing short of magical. Michelle is not only very skilled and knowledgeable about her line of work and other therapies and available resources in Minnesota, but her calming presence and soothing environment of the clinic have also been so helpful during an otherwise stressful time.

Out of all the therapies (e.g., acupuncture, cranio-sacral, etc.) I am doing, this is my favorite therapy and one that I look forward to each month. I feel lucky to be one of her clients and to have her support.

~ Lauren B.


I pursued Arvigo Therapy with Michelle because I wanted to get pregnant. ONE massage and I was pregnant (after 6 months of trying). In fact, I was pregnant within a couple days of my first visit. 

I continued to get monthly massages throughout my pregnancy which have helped me maintain comfort throughout the entire 9 months. I have had no round ligament pain or abdominal discomfort. Michelle does a wonderful job catering to my needs and addressing areas that need attention. I highly recommend Arvigo massage for anyone looking to improve reproductive health or prenatal comfort.

I will update this testimonial following delivery of my baby in the coming week(s)! 

-- Emily H.

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